Advanced Surgical Technologies

Get healthier faster with the latest in cutting-edge surgical technologies.

The many benefits of Advanced Surgical Technologies

Our state-of-the-art robotic surgical tools allow our physicians to duplicate the durability of a traditional open repair procedure while offering patients a faster recovery, less pain and reduced risk of infection than with a larger open incision.

Our investment in Advanced Surgical Technologies potentially offers patients:

  • Smaller, less noticeable scars
  • Superior outcomes
  • Increased surgical precision
  • Fewer complications such as surgical site infection
  • Reduced hospital stays
  • Less pain and decreased opioid use
  • Quicker recovery and return to work

See the technology in action

Watch the technology work in a real operating room and hear from Williamson Medical Center's expert surgeons on the process and benefits of technology-assisted surgery.

Meet Williamson Medical Center's most technologically advanced surgeons

While the incredible power and precision of our technologies are impressive, they are nothing without the talented surgeons using them. At WMC, every surgery is performed by a highly experienced, board-certified surgeon who has been specifically trained in the use of health care’s most advanced tools.

General Surgery

Preston BrownM.D., F.A.C.S.

Timothy Johnson M.D., M.S.

Dustin SmithM.D., F.A.C.S.


Mallory FoxM.D.

Michelle MontvilleM.D.

Heather D. RupeD.O.

Kim ScottM.D.

Jacqueline Stafford M.D.

Cynthia WoodallM.D.

Nina FredericksM.D.


Lauren PrescottM.D.


Scott Arthur M.D.

Ian Byram M.D.

Cory Calendine M.D.

Colin Looney M.D.

Brian Perkinson M.D.

Christopher StarkM.D.

Paul ThomasM.D.

Todd WurthM.D.


Barry K. Jarnagin, M.D.

Jennifer Mai Tatalovich, M.D.


J. Matthew HassanM.D.

Patrick Selph,M.D.

Get to know our technology

da Vinci Surgical System

WMC has been utilizing the da Vinci robotic surgical system for more than 15 years. This system assists with complex conditions in gynecology, urogynecology, gynecologic oncology, urology and general surgeries. 

Common surgeries include: 

  • Cholecystectomy (gallbladder)
  • Cystectomy (bladder)
  • Endometriosis resection
  • eTEP (totally extraperitoneal hernias)
  • Herniorrhaphy (hernias)
  • Hysterectomy
  • Myomectomy (fibroids)
  • Nephrectomy (kidney)
  • Ovarian cystectomy
  • Prostatectomy
  • Pyeloplasty (ureter)
  • Sacrocolpopexy (prolapse)

Mako SmartRobotics™

The Bone and Joint Institute has worked with Mako SmartRobotics since 2015. We are proud to have performed the first total hip replacement in Middle Tennessee and the first total knee replacement in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) in the state of Tennessee that utilized this technology.

Common surgeries include: 

  • Hip replacements
  • Knee replacements 
  • Partial knee replacements

Exactech Equinoxe® Planning App and GPS Shoulder® Technology

The Exactech’s Equinoxe Shoulder Replacement System is designed to provide the best possible outcomes for shoulder replacements and reverse total shoulder replacements. 

This technology allows surgeons to personalize a surgical plan with a preoperative CT scan, giving them more accurate implant placement and alignment.

Common surgeries include: 

  • Shoulder replacements

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